Orange Art Meeting 2.0

Daily Prompt: Inheritance On the corner of Bree and Simmonds in Johannesburg, South Africa, at ESK ROYALS, is where a group of likeminded, creative geniuses met with one purpose, to share their form of art with others. This event, in my opinion, was successful because of the common respect these weirdos had for each other, we all spoke in a language only we could understand … Continue reading Orange Art Meeting 2.0

Hey now

Daily prompt: Sparkle Like the new look ? Just thought I should try something different. I should be napping but this blog post is on my mind … yes, I nap – everyday, I can’t function without napping hey, but enough about napping … let’s talk business. DUDE, IT’S DECEMBER … this year has not given me a moment to take it all in and I’ll … Continue reading Hey now


Daily Prompt: Mystery I have been quiet, I know, forgive me – life happened. The problem now is sharing my experiences, so much has happened, so much is happening, a lot of epiphanies are coming to light – life is happening, but there are so many thoughts running through my mind that it is so hard to segment everything into delicious little pieces, all my thoughts … Continue reading Decoding

Revisiting; 2.14am 14.10.2017 // 12.10.2017

Daily Prompt:Trademark Click here to read my previous post, before sinking your teeth into this one; I got a lot of questions about this one, a lot of people were sliding into my dm’s (is it still legal to say that?), asking me a lot of questions about this post, and a few were thankful for my honesty in my previous post, well, this is … Continue reading Revisiting; 2.14am 14.10.2017 // 12.10.2017