All about that shape

Let’s leave the celebs outta this one – the main reason us “ordinary“ ladies seem to commit fashion crimes is all because we are not familiar with our body shapes – well honey, you deserve to know and start embracing whatever it is that you have hidden, and that my dear is a birth right. Not only does this require you to have a good look in the mirror but ladies honesty is the best policy.


Apple body shape

You carry most of your weight around your belly. The best thing you could do for yourself is to elongate your torso and create an illusion of a waist using fashion’s many tips and tricks. Stay away from tight clothing and conceal tummy bulge by wearing empire tops and dresses. Invest in a bra that offers a good lift and support and remember to wear boot cut and flared jeans to create an even line from your midsection.


Pear body shape

Your hips are wider than your shoulders you have a well-defined waist and your bottom is rounded. What you need to do is to emphasize your waist and arms by adding volume to your upper body will help minimize those hips, so stay away from clothing that will draw attention to your hips. Try wide leg jeans and A-line skirts and experiment with light coloured tops and dark bottoms for contrast. Opt for styles with ruffles on top and make sure your jackets hit above the waist.


Wedge / Inverted triangle body shape

Your shoulders are wide and you have a broad chest which are both large in proportion to your narrow waist and hips. Your best bet is to accentuate your lower body while softening your shoulders and upper body. Stay away from spaghetti-strap tops and also boat neckline tops. Create and illusion of a waist by wearing an A-line dress with a belt. Wear full skirts (i.e. skater skirts) and experiment with high waisted bottoms. Remember what your trying to do is add balance between your top and bottom half.


Hourglass body shape

Your shoulders and hips are similar in proportion and you have a tiny waist. Show off your curves but do not go overboard. Avoid baggy clothing (as comfortable as it may be, in fact saying that out loud as a female sounds like a sin). Invest in a good bra and rock fitted dresses. Pencil skirts and a good pair of skinny jeans are a must. Wear a belt at the waist enhancing your shape. Your body shape allows you to experiment and try out many styles. The fashion scene is your platform grab that credit card and explore!



Rectangle body shape

Your waist, shoulders and hips look similar in width and if you’re slender – you have an athletic look. All you got to do is create curves and a defined waist. Stay away from overpowering styles and opt for laying which will add more dimension. Try scoop neck and sweetheart tops to create an illusion of curves and add chest definition by wearing tops with collars and ruffles. Wear dresses with ruching and remember that cinches on the side are perfect.



Now you officially know your body shape and how to dress it up … and not down. Let’s just rejoice in how beautiful we are for a moment and how certain glitches shouldn’t be our downfall but our complete admiration. Cause let’s face it every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top. Any comments and enquiries email them to


And remember, Lucy loves you.


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