Social Networking Distress Signal

Ok, so I sort out my Facebook Page and tell myself that it can’t be that bad … I spoke too soon – i don’t know if its the device I’m using or what, but i found myself slapping my phone out of anger. All because Facebook just isn’t making any sense. It was a quick reminder of why i actually left that social network and deactivated my account. This made me realise how we always seem to rely on our lil gadgets, how they seem to hold our very own identity and how we become so dependent on them, these things can do anything and everything imaginable so i understand why that becomes the case. Try not even thinking about it for an hour , its impossible. No matter how busy you are you’ll always find a way to make communication, whether it be you checking the time or simply checking if it’s on you. I know for sure me and my phone are best friends but even best friends need to miss each other sometimes.

I’ll inform you about the FaceBook page and it’s success okay boo ? … Love Lucy


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