The giggles and kisses.

Ladies, truth and honesty be told we love being loved and giving all of that back to whoever you love, but the disadvantages of doing such really does subject one to pain and torment. The beauty of this thing they call love is the way it is impossible to put a stamp on and how its equally impossible to understand. We all crave it we all want it and need it, regardless of who gives it to us. The love a parent shares with you is the most beneficial and the most important in my opinion but nonetheless remember that “if you always give what you always get, you will always get what you always got back”. Love is a powerful force that attacks with beautiful rainbows and butterflies and leaves us in utter awe (don’t forget the cute blushing faces). I marvel at how it changes a person and how beautiful the mark it leaves, is.

Remember, love comes in various forms – do not judge what you do not know simply because you do not understand it. Let love live and acknowledge those who love you and love them back. I’ll use this as a platform to thank you my amazing reader for your support and trust me when I say ” from my heart to yours, it is all love “.

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So spread a whole lot of loving and remember Lucy loves you.


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