Lets get to it.

So all this while Lucy has been receiving a few emails asking for advice and also compliments on the blog.

Lucy has just been a bit busy, and I think it is about damn time I respond:

Our Facebook page is officially up and running and ready to be shared and liked by you!

 I could not express how grateful I am for having such amazing readers! I love you all and thank those of you who are spreading the word and making this journal the cyberspace I envisioned it to be.

Oh and for those of you who emailed me, whether it be feedback on a post or asking for advice I will make sure to anonymously document the responses right here because I believe that if one person is asking a question, many more are pondering about that very same question.

Oh yes its official, Lucy is back in business and what better way to keep this business booming other than sending me a quick email, itsmatha@outlook.com, and while you are at it like our Facebook page “ Lucy’s Journal” don’t be shy I certainly do not bite.

Xoxo, Lucy


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