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I recently received a peculiar email, peculiar in the sense that it is a common problem most ladies face but never bothered solving, all we ever do is complain about it.

The email read “… so like I’ve been trying to lose my huge pregnant lady tummy but sometimes I become so busy I can’t work out. Is there any Way I can lose that fat even if I don’t work out as much … “. I think the main reason we have such a major problem in actually making time for working out is because how tedious we make it and how we seem to think you need to make time in your day and devote yourself to ‘working out’, which takes up time that you do not have.

Firstly stop calling it a workout, that word is so rigid and in a way makes you resent buffing up your body even more, the secret is disguising your workout routine. You know the usual ‘take the stairs instead of the elevator, type of disguise, for example starting a new hobby instead of jogging, start playing soccer with your siblings or children. Pick a sport and devote yourself to getting better at it you will get more out of this than the morning jog or running on the treadmill at gym. Move more during the day, walk to the grocery store that’s around the corner, instead of talking over the phone with a friend that lives a couple of streets away, take a walk with him/her. It’s that simple make more out of your day and incorporate these new habits into your daily life. There are also many exercise programs that make working out, fun and enjoyable and you can make this a social affair so instead of meeting up for lunch, you and your buddy can get humour out of dancing to a “Zumba” video. See darling it is not that hard. For those of you who still want to make more out their workout, change your routine every week or so, it makes working out more enjoyable, remember it is not about mastering that particular workout routine it is about getting fit because if your body is doing a set rhythm your body does not really get the most out of it when you get to a point of doing that workout routine with no sweat.

So get busy ladies become fit and firm without realising it. Email your responses and queries to and remember to visit our Facebook page ” Lucy’s Journal “.

Xoxo Lucy.


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