It’s getting hot in here!

Summer is no longer around the corner IT’S RIGHT HERE, and for most of us it’s when our wardrobe is fully exposed and oh my oh my – the trends I’m crushing on are driving me insane.

The boyfriend jean

These super comfy baggy jeans are a MUST HAVE. I love them because unlike skinny jeans you don’t have to pull them up again when you stand up, you simply get up and go. Best way to rock them is rolling them up the leg forming a cuff sitting above the ankle but if you don’t feel like showing off your ankles you can always roll the cuffs up right up to your ankles. Even these jeans have many variations the most common being straight cut but you can also get them in bootleg or flared. Personally, they looked their hottest while wearing lace up flats and their cutest with round toed pumps other than that they also look awesome with flip flops, gladiators or wedges, please refrain from wearing them with stilettoes, sneakers and boots. Thankfully they look great on all body shapes mainly due to the fact that the do not highlight any specific part of your body and remember ladies the look you aiming for is casual chic – this is no office wear.

The dungaree

My love for these overalls will surely stand the test of time, they come in versions of shorts, pants and even dresses (short and long). Rock them with tank tops, sweaters, shirts, bandeau’s even t-shirts but it all depends on which look you’re going for just make sure that whatever you putting under compliments the dungaree – which for me is the hardest thing about dressing dungarees up. I love how you can choose to add a jacket over to give it that extra edge or even take the edge off. Keep your shoes simple a pair of lace ups, pumps, gladiators or even combat boots just stay away from heels. Then again this isn’t much of a formal ensemble so think twice before you wear it to any formal occasion or work.

The baggy tank top

Ok I do not know what they call these beauties but OH MY GOODNESS! They look their best in white and pair them with a fitting bottom e.g. your best pair of blue or black jeans and boom, we have lift off. I once saw this lady wearing them with leather leggings and she unbuttoned her jean shirt and wore it over her white baggy tank top with a good pair of heels – I swear she may have thought I was lesbian, because I was staring! I honestly believe that when dealing with a white tank top you can basically go to town – just be careful not to overdo it.

Lace dresses

Those who know me know how much I love lace – it’s so beautiful from the texture to the different designs and patterns, I think its biggest downfall is when it’s been in the wash for too long and now has this old look to it. Lace has this very feminine look to it especially in pastel colours but get it in black or red and u can all Goth if you like – just remember it’s very easy to look like an emo if you overdo this and wear the go-go boots with your outfit (do shops even sell such nowadays?). I absolutely adore A-line white lace dresses wear a brown/tan skinny patent leather belt around the waist, with a good pair of thick gladiator wedges and oh my oh my – you have a look worth taking a picture of, in fact a couple. The one thing I love most about lace dresses is how they can go from formal to casual, take your pick but you can manipulate one dress to go from formal to casual or vies versa – have fun.

So that’s my top 4 for the season and I know for sure this season has a whole lotta tricks up its sleeves. Tell me about your fashion fav’s , and if you feel like you had a major fashion moment post it on our Facebook Page’s wall ” Lucy’s Journal “.

See you on the flip side, fashion babe … Lucy


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