Is it all truly a game?

If you’re like me, and trust is a big deal in your life and it is so hard to earn yet so easy to lose … yeah most call it trust issues but if you ask me – if your trust is merely given away and isn’t earned then sweetie you the one with the issues, there are certain instances though where we, as ladies choose to give it away so easy without realising that we just did and only realise we did when we left with the guilt and pain of it all. No you are not an idiot for making such a decision, no one is. But there are certain instances where even those who worked hard enough to earn your trust – don’t see its value. I ask myself whether they do realise how much of you they destroyed in the process and even so how much of themselves they have lost. I think it’s safe to assume that when someone works that hard to gain your trust there’s a mutual bond you two share and when that bond is broken (well destroyed) it becomes a matter of trying to pick up the pieces but that road is long.

Facts faced – trust is abused and mistreated in fact most times we choose to simply walk over such instances because we see greater truth within this bond, I simply refuse to treat such as a game, classifying such as a game would be minimizing almost every relationship we have with those around us.

Xoxo, Lucy


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