The big things in life

So what are the little things in life that society seems to be running after? The things that seem to make life so perfect and leave you in a sudden trance, are they really that small if they have such a big significance on us? These little things have suddenly made a road block in my life and they have made me realise how big they are and how without them, we feel so incomplete. They really make and break our lives and when they do come we just want to soak every moment we have with them, we want to grab them with both hands and have them take us on this roller coaster ride of pure bliss.

For each and every human being these so called ‘little things’ are different but mainly consist of happiness, and I mean pure happiness because every other little thing is directly linked to happiness and without that other little thing happiness becomes a memory we wish to relive again.

So make your own happiness don’t wait for something to happen or someone to come along and create it for you, because the moment you do, that is when whatever gave you your happiness has power over you and you become easily manipulated but when you stop relying on any other being to give you happiness nothing can take it from you. It can be multiplied or even divided a little but because you have full power over your own ‘little thing’, you easily can get back up on your feet, and move on.

Trust me, it is tried and tested by me, so it is practically full proof. Gaining control of your life again, is the greatest thing you can do for you and you will not even regret or doubt the final outcome which your everlasting final destination.

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Xoxo, Lucy.


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