When you do not know what you know.

Received a very interesting email from a reader, “… So I like this guy OMG his super awesome but like I don’t want to rush things cause things r already so awesome!!_ should I tell him how I feel or just keep showing it in my actions??? Or just keep cool! WHAT SHOULD I DU??? “

Okay so obviously you do not know what this Mr’s intentions are, and yours could be pretty clear already but as far as I am concerned when a guy likes you he won’t hesitate time to tell you. But that does not help much seeing as you want clarity on all of this now so you, as a lady, can dabble on a guy actually liking you (which makes us feel like we can conquer anything). Tread these waters carefully my darling, his intentions are unclear so as far as I am concerned even if you are just a side chick or a pick me up or even a girl he is intending on dating – you do not know.

So even if cupid is being a blind arrow shooter and you find yourself falling hard for this guy I suggest you take a pillow to ease the pain if he doesn’t catch you. I do not suggest asking him where he stands, you may come off desperate or as if you booking your next relationship but remember you can only play along and go with his flow for so long before you actually seem like the girl he is just using for fun, and seeing that you do not want to rush things, why rush this.

Do not let whatever it may be you two have dwindle in grey areas, after a while you going to know what his intentions are if you keep your eyes wide-open.

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Xoxo, Lucy


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