Your own kind of high.

Forget narcotics, sweetie if you can get on your own kind of high you deserve a high five. Your own kind of high is when you do not need some form of drug or alcohol to get you to your happy place, being your own superhero.

I get my high from being in the kitchen, I unconditionally love the potential that room possesses and how for a moment I have my mind completely focused on whatever it is I am trying make. The contentment felt is absolutely sporadic, I beam with happiness and I feel whole again. I am no comfort eater but the kitchen, no matter what, comforts me, the same feeling blogging or a church service gives me, they all get me all excited and a sense of happiness oozes out of my soul. It absolutely unexplainable how I feel and it is a bonus that neither of them leave me with hangovers or after affects.

Your own high should be free, should allow you to unwind and focus on yourself or whatever it is you are doing, you should know that when there is nothing else you can rely on, your high will be there for you to rely on and for that moment or two, you know you can be comforted in a way no one can take away from you or give to you.

Call it what you want, “me time “, “your cloud 9 “, but babe my high gets me drunk on happiness and leaves me with a hangover of smiles.

Xoxo, Lucy


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