“Why are they all the same?”

Well because women treat every man that steps into their life the same, if you going to make the new guy carry the burden of a guy he does not even know, how do you expect him to be any different from that other guy?

Ladies we know for a fact that we are all not the same and hate it when you hear a guy go on about ladies being the same, because I know that the girl sitting next to me is completely different to me in every way so I am baffled by the fact that a guy would treat us the same, because if he treats us the same he is bound to simply conclude that all women are the same.

Stop treating the new guy that just stepped into your life like a book that has been written, read and memorised, it just does not work that way. Treat that guy as if he were a clean canvas, as if he were blank page, give yourself time to know him and let go of whatever that other guy, who may not even be part of your life anymore, did to you because this new guy knows nothing about your past relationships and quite frankly does not care.

We were all unique individuals and have every right to be treated like that. So turn around and stop staring at your past, live in your present while gazing at your future with a glass of wine in hand and of course all the people currently present in your life.

Xoxo, Lucy.


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