Who do you want to be?

Discovery of one’s self inner being is a challenge because you either have to ask yourself “who do I want to be?” or “who am I” , which sort of leaves most people in a blank space, in a semi-trance. Personally I think the discovery never ends, who you are and who you want to be will always be questions that are never asked but always answered because somewhere in your pre-occupied head, you know who you are, where you going and how you going to get there, and if not, sweetie you one lost soul.

Find yourself, self-discovery is an amazing journey, it allows you to understand where you are in life, who you truly are and how you see yourself. I am not talking about self-image here I am talking about your inner being. Some call it your soul, your spiritual being, whatever it may be to you finding it, cuffing it and learning to LOVE it is most important, because hunny if you do not love yourself who do you expect to love your inner being for you.

“I want to be someone who cares, someone who forgives, someone who cares about others more than themselves, someone who can tell it like it is, someone who gives up everything for all the right reasons, someone who sees the best in everyone, a true friend, a better person and someone who learns from their mistakes. I want to be the girl that does not need to have a boy to be happy because I will know how to dance on my own.” – Jenna Hamilton, Awkward.

Lots of love, Lucy


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