Who would you be if you became who you are?

With all these codes and laws of how you should be or act as an individual you find yourself delocalised from your pure self, your true being. All you doing is constantly updating and renovating yourself so that society can see you as normal and your acceptance by society will be granted.

Who you are is a blessing and what you do with what you have been blessed with, is up to you but do not put it in a box waiting for society to regard it as trending. Flaunt it now, who is stopping you? Treat it as an asset not a liability you are trying to cover up and hate yourself for having. We all claim to be unique but if you belong to society’s little bubble, full of sheep, your individuality is in the lost and never found section.

No, I am not applying the principle of thinking outside the box here because I say β€œeveryone is so busy thinking outside the box, they forget all the good things left inside the box, I shall remain inside the box and make something out of all the things society deems as slim pickings”.

The individualist, Lucy


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