This little light of mine

I call her hope, this little light of ours we put so much faith in. She is a bit mischievous don’t you think? I mean she plays with your feelings as if you some puppet and a part of us always leans towards her devious light and you find yourself dancing to her guitar without a care in the world. It is a beautiful sight though, a beautiful thing to be part of, until she decides to stop playing her guitar and cuts off your puppet strings, then you find yourself having a cup of tea with new comforter, and I call him disappointment. What was once you glory to parade in has now become your corner of redemption and a bit of sadness, where your pick me up becomes a little bit of comfort from whatever it is you want to do to keep your gloomy mind pre-occupied.

I am not requesting you stop being a believer of hope and seeing the best outcome when a situation presents itself. I am just asking for Hope’s home address, a cup of tea with her wouldn’t hurt (no pun intended), I wouldn’t mind playing Karma for a while.

Xoxo, a disappointed Lucy.


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