Again and again.

Ever heard the saying that you only the victim of a situation the first time it happens and after that, you merely subjecting yourself to the pain inflicted upon you. Truth be told we fall for this trap more than often because, the devil you know is way better than the angel you do not know.

We get stuck in this back and forth movement where we allow ourselves to get hurt instead of leaving this zone, only because it’s expected and there will not be any new surprises here and there. Even with that little glimmer of hope dangling through the air, disappointment remains the elephant in the room.

Sweetie pie, you are better than someone who does not see your worth, stop undermining your true strength just because someone seems to think it is that low. Your name should not be listed under the host of any pity party that no one will ever attend because truth be told those who love you enough to not mistreat you will be celebrating your success and you overcoming whatever your situation may have been. Not trampling you down, purposely mistreating you finding humour in you running around in this maze set full of traps.

Realising your true strength is a turning point you can never shy away from, it is life changing and empowers you in every aspect of your life. Such things are a remarkable sight and a one you should actively partake I, making sure its beauty never minimizes but only stands the test of time. It is your life, your most prized possession, treat it as such. Live life, loving your life.

Xoxo, Lucy


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