The reign of 2014 and its final moments.

To some a year they would not mind repeating and for some a year they wish to forget. For each and every being this year had a unique impact on their lives in some form or another, but one thing is for sure, growth took place.

Whether you realise the impact or change 2014 has had on you or not it is nothing compared to the blessing and gift of life it has given you, so for those of you wishing for 2014 to finally come to an end because you absolutely loathed the year, one beautiful thing did come out of it, you. You have won the battle, you fought through the 11 months and what is left of the 12th one should not be a time of counting down to the final hour but a time to reflect on what you have overcome and how your strength has been multiplied.

Leave the pity party you have been attending these 11 months and razzmatazz your growth and the life you have been given. Many will not be able to shake off 2014 as they prance into 2015, but you can. Start preparing for the year to come and stop waiting for it to come, because sweetie all 2015 is going to do is spectate say hello then bye-bye, stop expecting four digits to change your life you are the only one who holds such great power.

Remember it is your life, many are watching and waiting to see if you will fail, succeed or simply limp through life and all its problems, make it a show worth remembering a show they will want to watch while green with envy asking themselves how the hell you do it.

It is a New Year not a new life, whatever burden 2014 is going to leave you with, is the same burden 2015 will have in its suitcases. Take ownership of your life, 2015 has not promised you anything, just a new year and a new beginning.

Xoxo, Lucy.


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