New Year, New Begginings

You can plan what it is that you going to do differently this year but truthfully you do not know what 2015 has under its sleeves, it is the same cycle we humans go through every year and we do not see how it serves no purpose.

The New Year resolution list has never been something I waste my time on, I believe that we all know what we want to accomplish, what difference does a list make? If you so serious about accomplishing these goals, go ahead and accomplish them if you did not accomplish them last year or the year before, let this be the year where you break the cycle and actually accomplish these things and move on to new unaccomplished things that have been on that old dusty list for way too long now.

Learn to set due dates, if whatever it is you wanted to accomplish was not accomplished by that time frame then move on, chances are it is either too big for you to handle or just not that significant. When you want something done you do it in fact it does not leave your mind until you do, you do not wait for some New Year resolution list to tell you to do that it is okay to do it now, what power does a piece of fictional paper have over you and why do you drag the old resolutions into the New Year, most of us use the New Year as a fresh start, how do you start afresh with an old list of unaccomplished goals.

Instead set goals that will lead you to accomplishing previous year’s goals, you are the only thing stopping you from reaching these goals, nothing else, and no one else. So stop blaming this and that and making up excuses, this is your life and your goals accomplishing them should be something you dedicate yourself to, learn to love making yourself proud of yourself.

Xoxo , Lucy


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