Say, cheese!

What makes the world go round, what we all desire in its purest form. Happiness.

It is what ties all loose ends, it is what makes all your worries seem minimal. Without happiness everything else just doesn’t work, love does not function without happiness, peace included, even friendships. The list for me is endless because I ask myself what does not need happiness to be in its purest form (purest form being a state reached whereby you do not even question what you are feeling), and I am only talking about feel good emotions here.

Happiness has such a strong hold on every single one of us and when we lack it, it is clearly visible. It takes a strong person to cut out anything that deviates him/her away from his/her bubble of happiness and I mean ruthlessly rip it out and throw it in the garbage because you cannot risk losing your happiness. It takes a person who knows pain all too well to really respect and admire happiness. It takes a grateful person to show it off and pass it on to the next person in need of a little bit of sunshine.

So be grateful for the bit of happiness you may have and watch it multiply as your share it with others, smile your way through the day, even when having a bad day, focus your attention on the little bit of happiness you have hidden somewhere even though it may seem vicarious, believe in it and watch it change your day. Many things give us happiness, feed off those if you have to.

Remember that nothing has the right to pollute or destroy your happiness and you should guard it at all times.

It is always good to show off your best asset, “cause baby you’re never fully dressed without a smile”.

Xoxo, Lucy.


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