When life gives you lemons …

There are certain lemons that you just cannot make lemonade out of, so you just watch and stare at them and as they leave you in a trance and you find yourself not moving forward or backwards, you just in one stationary position and stay there until you decide what is it that you could possibly do to with these rude lemons that seem to have no respect for your happy space.

Life is, unpredictable in many ways. We have all been in the position where it seems as if our happiness has been stolen from us, where you wish you could just report it but we left in such complete shock and awe of how quick it all happened, how it all just disappeared and how everything may have changed. It is unfathomable how life seems to enjoy these little mind games, but the moral of it all is how much we value our stolen possessions more when we no longer have them.

I mean yes at first, you cherish every moment with your possession, but you get too comfortable and that is when it is most prone to getting stolen. It is a concept I struggle to understand but I only question such when I am left in a state of despair. There are no questions asked when you have your prized possession in the palm of your hands, why question something you wanted in the first place, just be grateful and move on with life.

As detrimental life can sometimes be, life just would not be as fun if it was all rainbows and sunshine. A rollercoaster ride is needed every now and then and whether you throw up or keep it all down truly does have its own affect depending on the situation at hand.

Lemonade or not I am on a quest to resurrect my soon to be buried, happiness. It is my duty to be my own knight in shining armour.

Oh and another thing remember that, β€œSometimes the lemons in our life are actually stepping stones, it’s all about what you do with them.”

Xoxo, Lucy


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