” Our humanity is slipping away from us” – Mmusi Maimane

Our President, Jacob Zuma pleas for an end to xenophobic violence which has left 5 people dead and hundreds displaced, reminding South Africans that not all foreign nationals are in South Africa illegally and that the assumption that all foreign nationals do not pay tax is as absurd as the assumption that all South Africans do pay tax. EFF leader Julius Malema, said that the government had set the example to its people to resort to violence when it comes to confronting issues, also saying that he believes that the president’s speech was not said whole heartedly adding to that by saying that he had failed to stop his son, Edward Zuma from expressing an anti-foreigner sentiment. While DA parliamentary leader, Mmusi Maimane expressed how his heart goes out to these foreign nationals, and how we cannot stand by as fellow human beings are being tortured and murdered. He did however, point out that there are people in powerful positions trying to shift the blame and even condoning Xenophobia rather than acknowledge the socio-economic causes of the tension in our communities.

My major issue is how the situation is trying to be calmed rather than dealt with, hands on, yes the president has assigned 3 ministers to attend to the xenophobic attacks in Kwa-Zulu Natal (Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba; Police Minister Nathi Nhleko and State Security Minister David Mahlobo), but does the road simply end there for him? What is his plan in dealing with the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, and not just to stop them now but in the long run how will he maintain the peace. He has not stated his way forward or given South Africans or foreign nationals hope. It seems as if our government will only ever be bothered with acting out when it affects them personally. It is one thing to stand on a podium and ask for the xenophobic attacks to stop but it is another, when you bring on harsher punishment to those displaying acts of xenophobia and a plan of action. Jacob Zuma did not even once mention how shameful these acts are, and how freedom wasn’t fought for so we could take freedom away from others in the same way it was taken away from black South Africans.

”President Zuma has emphasized that the government is addressing the issues that are being raised by citizens nationally, in particular, complaints about illegal and undocumented migrants, the takeover of local shops and other businesses by foreign nationals as well as the perceptions that foreign nationals perpetrate crime.”- Spokesperson Mac Maharaj. So we shall wait and wait, for these issues to be addressed, even though we have been waiting since 2008, but we will still wait and wait. 7 years later, and the xenophobic hate has now filled its cup and has overfilled.

Today, Jacob Zuma went to the camps where the angry, dislocated foreign nationals are temporarily staying, but they felt as if it was a little too late and were outraged when he donated a sum of R50 000, what for exactly, no one knows. King Goodwill Zwelithini, the man that started it all, claims that he did not mean what everyone else seems to have drawn from his statement, “When other men are working on your land where will you, the men of this land run to in times of need,” yet failed to condemn the xenophobic attacks that started in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and then added that all those who have sworn at him and continue to swear at him are not swearing at him, but his followers. I personally feel like, what he said had a deeper, darker meaning.



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