Mozambican man, Emmanuel Sithole – Killed in a Xenophobic attack in South Africa.

Many stood watching, in shock and some even too scared to plead for these men to stop what they were doing to Emmanuel. The attackers stalked their prey waiting for the right moment to pounce on him and attack, and when they did, they were merciless. Men with knives, wrenches, one carrying a spade, ruthlessly attacking the innocent man. He pleaded for mercy from these attackers, trying to fend off the blows but one strike with the monkey wrench knocked him to the ground. He walked as far as he could, and when his body had gone as far as it could, he lay tattooed with scars and wounds. One of the knives that had pierced into his heart is what killed the Mozambican man. The police are treating his murder as a robbery gone wrong. The number of deaths these xenophobic attacks have caused is now 7, 3 of which are South African citizens.

Today, thousands attended the gathering of Imibizo, King Goodwill Zwelithini did condemn the xenophobic attacks and also stated that if he did want to start a pro-xenophobic war, the country would be in ashes, but reinforced the fact that the xenophobic attacks in Kwa-Zulu Natal should come to an end, the Zulu king reiterated the fact that when what he said, (“When other men are working on your land where will you, the men of this land run to in times of need,”) was translated from isiZulu to English there was an error in translation, because that is not what he meant.

There are a number of South Africans working in other African countries and there have been threats of revenge attacks on South Africans as well as South African owned companies if the xenophobic attacks in South Africa do not stop with immediate effect.

I do not know how much can be done to really change a xenophobe’s mindset, because if what he is doing is for the people of his country I think push comes to shove when a whole continent becomes affected and your country’s reputation is now being thrown in the mud. Xenophobia is a mindset that really needs to be taken seriously considering the fact that the government is now trying to patch holes that have been in the wall for nearly a decade now. This is a perfect example of how poor service delivery leads to unnecessary anger and unjustified actions. I am not taking any sides here, all I am saying is that there are citizens of South Africa who are absolutely fed up with the fact that they have been asking for the government to control the number of foreigners illegally entering South Africa, asking for these foreign nationals to become active members of South Africa and pay tax.

AFRICA IS CRYING … our beautiful land has been graced with the name, “The Motherland “. Let us set an example for future generations, for once could we not think of the present but the future our children have to face and live in! Nothing justifies all of this, but then again nothing justifies nearly a decade of waiting for a government to act on their promises.



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