” Pain demands to be felt ” – John Green

“Everything happens for a reason”, as much as I despise that saying, it actually makes a whole lot of sense when you put it into context. Personally, I think that everyone and everything you have in your life should have a purpose, well that’s how I live my life, I cannot deal with unnecessary baggage that gives me stress and unwanted emotions thus I live in my own very small bubble of positive energy and happiness.

Look, every good system fails here and there and that one defect may find itself in my system and obviously obliterate everything, leaving me in a state of pain and everything else that it comes with, but then again the very much abused saying about not being able to value sunshine without a little bit of rain, comes to mind. Regardless of what it may be and how much it may hurt, there is nothing more beautiful than watching a woman pick up the pieces and start rebuilding her home again, ah man.

It takes a while for others to get there, some never leave that state but I refuse to let an emotion overcome me and embody me especially negative ones, it takes a certain type of strength and a certain amount of healing to get you to that point, but without a strong support network, even if it consists of just 2 people, to encourage you and get you there, but it is not their job to fix you, just remember that, “ you can lead a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink it, “ That is a personal journey that only you can take while they cheer you on, encouraging you to get to the finish line.

So get yourself there, you deserve to be there, it’s a damn birthright. It’s your happiness … YOUR … so take ownership of it, it is after all your damn birthright.

Xoxo, Lucy.


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