Kid of the 21st Century …

As easy most of the older generations think we have it, being a kid of the 21st century is strenuous. Many claim we are a generation of lazy, spoilt and ungrateful beings, but that statement right there is generalising, there are many of us who are really being thrown in the same category as others for the simple reason that there isn’t a significant number of us who are a cut above the rest, who refuse to conform to these rules set, that define what it takes to be cool or favoured. We are the yet to be seen pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, desired but, vicariously scarce. A figment of most parents’ imagination. Yes we revolutionists still exist (and no, I am not blowing my trumpet a little too loud). Personally, I do not see the beauty in being part of a crowd, where like little sheep we all follow certain things and look exactly the same, that right there is the definition of a teenager and this virus is slowly being transferred on to young adults. What ever happened to “been there, done that,”? It seems like most of them should be saying been there and still doing that. I look at these little sheep and ask myself, does it ever cross your mind that you are actually a cliché.

Ok Lucy, Stop “hating”. But seriously though, you were blessed with a unique fingerprint that cannot be duplicated in any shape or form and here you are, defining it with a definition similar to that of a stranger. I understand the fact that we have similar tastes and interests with particular people, but if you find yourself repeatedly coming out of that photocopying machine, you have defeated the sole purpose of you having a unique fingerprint.

I am not saying don’t have the same interests or likes as others (I mean you are human after all), I’m just asking you to add your fingerprint to it. Be the oxymoron of it all, if that makes any sense.

Xoxo, Lucy.


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