All in perspective …

I was having a discussion with a group of my friends this other morning, and it was the typical chick conversation where we were reflecting on the cute couple moments we have witnessed and how they either made us feel really single or simply depressed because we feel as if would never find this type of thing or ever get to experience it because all the guys willing to do it are taken. I laugh while typing this out because, it is so ridiculous how we, as females seem to forget that this was a moment in time and you just happened to witness that take place.

I mean yeah its super cute and adorable and “aaawww swoon “… but could we just reflect on how we have had our equal share of past experiences, where we gained full bragging rights for the week if not a month, and here you are complaining because you had to witness a female get her fair share of bragging rights. I do not expect our fellow male counterparts to understand all of this, because I, a female myself can admit to the fact that we are very confused, confusing, undecided beings who just don’t know what they want.

Why should another person’s happiness be the downfall of your own? Yes, I know that’s completely off topic but it relates, if you put it into perspective. This relates to many instances in life where, even though jealousy is rearing its ugly head, we fail to simply rejoice or act like it, when someone else is. This is not said to offend anyone, because I myself, am guilty of this act, but it doesn’t mean I am going to keep reminding myself of how lucky that person is and how I wish I was them or had someone like that in my life, because perfection is an imperfection itself, you witnessing a perfect moment doesn’t make either of the participants perfect in any shape or form.

I just simply console myself by repeating my mother’s favourite words, “your time will come” and a part of me wishes it could be sooner than expected but the more you worry and stress yourself about such, is the longer it seems to take to happen. So remain calm, and learn to just smile instead of pulling a look of despair, or simply look away and check your phone, but don’t let that make you ask yourself if you being a witness rather than a participant makes you any less of a beautiful being, because “your time will come “… I don’t even know why I am using that much despised family saying as a form of encouragement, but you get my point.

All good things come to those who wait, or should I say “all good things come to those who patiently wait, while we witness an unforeseeable event take place”.

Whether your glass is half full or half empty, sweetie to me it’s all the same.

Xoxo, Lucy.


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