The Dilemma

Stuck at a crossroad, we have all been there, where it seems as if we either do not know what we do know or we know what we do not want to know. Some may say it can be seen as denial, but sometimes the tree of life bears foreign fruits, unexpectedly, and you find yourself with foreign objects in hand asking yourself if you would rather eat them or wait for the other fruits to ripen, the ones your familiar with. I know for some, this metaphorical speaking can result in a “mind = blown “moment, but those who relate to my current situation, understand (and if you don’t, doesn’t mean you should stop reading).

Whichever crossroad you may be standing at, it’s always necessary to weigh out the pros and the cons, remembering that hasty decisions can lead to disastrous consequences and I quote Shakespeare when I say “ … wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast.” I also think that it is always necessary to scratch an itch especially if you have not been giving it attention for a while, which is probably why you’re stuck at a crossroad, and your find yourself deeply pondering about that situation, which results to unnecessary stress and and and …

Addressing a situation, which in my case would be either taking a left, a right or just continuing on with the road, really requires you to place yourself first, and what you wish to resolve and how bad you do or don’t want to change the direction your heading in, questions only you can answer, a trustworthy, honest friend may help give you their thoughts, or even give you the wakeup call you need but that only works if your open to criticism and are open to seeing this whole thing from their point of view.

Some decisions seem too hard to take, but in most cases it’s a mind over matter type of thing.

Xoxo, Lucy.


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