Define : Sexy

color pictures_ faf8dc color pictures_ 3c768c col”The truth is once you have mastered the sexy attitude, the clothes you wear will not matter. Its such a feminine thing to feel sexy, to feel womanly, to feel beautiful and we can all do it.” – Bows and Throws (

I have been reading and rereading this post (posted May 24, 2015) and I only got time to actually express my thoug  hts on it now. We all, as females, not only want to feel sexy but encompass it in every shape and form, but the question that will always rear its ugly head and haunt our reflections is “am I sexy?” , please note, I use the word sexy not in a derogatory manner but as a substitute for feeling attractive and radiating it.

I personally feel that once you solve that equation as to what defines sexy for you everything Naturally Me___the Way God Intendedelse will fall into place but, most ask themselves where can they begin and its quite simple, your wardrobe, your hair and for those of you who wear make-up, how you wear it. These all play a big role in feeling good, because when you look good you suddenly displaying signs of exuberance. You know what I am talking about, on the days you’re dressed to kill and your hair and make-up is (as most would say) on point, and you have this unshakable confidence, let us not forget how you take more selfies than usual on that day … and that right there is your equation solved, make personal grooming a priority of the highest degree.

The internet is full of useful tips, hints for the beginners and for those who just want to touch up on their knowledge. I say, sexy can only be defined by the person who wears it because like beauty, sexy has its imperfections. “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

Only go as far as doing what makes you feel good, not uncomfortable. Remember, you’re doing this for yourself not for the world to suddenly give you unneeded attention. Some say beauty is skin deep, others go on to say it comes from within and that it is in the eyes of the beholder, but who cares what they say, you are a beautiful entity, yes YOU, and that is an asset no one can ever take away from you, so fight to keep it in your reign.

Xoxo, Lucy


One thought on “Define : Sexy

  1. Some how with females we see ourselves as sexy only sometimes, yes in those moments where we are dressed to kill. Your right personal grooming is the key to actually always feeling good and having that confidence -YES I AM SEXY. With some of us it takes time to define sexy or beautiful and I don’t mean from a dictionary but within ourselves. Its also about accepting that imperfection is beauty.
    Lucy you sure can inspire. Love your blog_∆

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