Mirror Mirror …

It is never what it seems, these illuminated visage’s we seem to share with people. I sometimes ask myself if it is all a figment of my imagination or are the feelings I felt, a simple re-enactment of what I thought I shared or wanted to value with this person. It is always best to learn from other people’s mistakes, but what if I happen to encounter the mistake leading to the uncorrected error.

I just have to emphasize on how, someone else’s mistake doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to start acting as if your facing that mistake yourself, I am simply nibbling on the “what if” thoughts my mind is feeding me here, cause I currently feel as if what I thought was, is actually not, but then again all the scenarios playing out in my head could be, the figment of my imagination, the simple re-enactment of the what ifs, suddenly haunting me. The “ what ifs” on the other hand love feeding on your fears and insecurities, and you suddenly start subconsciously believing that it all suddenly relates to you and then paranoia kicks in, its only dangerous when you start acting out on false evidence and phantom feelings … something that was never there in the first place.

Mirror Viewing Gallery For - Abstract Paintings TumblrMirror on my wall,
forecast my days to come
shed a bit of light on what one should do when all else seems to make sense except for the truth that used to stand right in front of her…

Xoxo, Lucy


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