The severity of our actions …

People never truly understand the severity of their actions, we’re so quick to do things impulsively that we never take the time to think about the situation from the other persons view. We get too comfortable in knowing, we know the person and how strong the bond you have with that person is that we simply overlook the little things. We so quick to justify how strongly we feel about something and how they need to know and we simply assume that they will understand because they will understand your point of view.

I truly believe in the fact that, another person’s business is absolutely none of yours regardless of the type of relationship you share with that person, what they choose to tell you or however much they choose to tell you is their choice. Respect the fact that they will spare you the details later all you need to worry yourself about is what they are telling you now, not the little crumbs at the bottom of their cookie jar. Friendships are such intricately detailed works of art, each with its own unique feel … Don’t find yourself lost in a trance possessed by its look.

The point I am trying to get across here is that, even if the bond is strong, even if you guys have been through hell and high waters, that may be your strength, but your weakness’s may be much smaller, the crack may not show now, but capillarity has made many buildings crumble, no matter how sturdy the foundation is. So take time to look at things from a 360 degree angle … 180 degrees will only leave you narrow minded and ignorant.

Xoxo, Lucy


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