I am feeling burnt out and tired, I mean yeah I love being preoccupied with something/s but, when it gets to the point where “me-time” gets affected, it becomes a bit too personal, because my me-time is highly ranked, and taken very seriously. Just me myself and I, doing something I enjoy, something that fulfills me as a human being, with no extra people – just me. I also find that, in moments where I am deprived of something (in this case being me-time), I crave what I consider to be comfort food and what makes it worse is that in most situations the food I crave most is not in the cupboards and/or I am too broke to even “splurge” a little.

Give yourself that well deserved me-time, after a couple of weeks of just overworking your body you’re bound to become a bomb that just explodes and re-explodes, then you’ll be updating us unnecessarily on Facebook, declaring you have no real friends meanwhile you forget the part where you do a bit of introspection(you know those annoying people). As much as I acknowledge the fact that you have many responsibilities, one of them should be YOU. Take a day off to just clear your mind of all the garbage it has accumulated and focus and yourself. It works – trust me.

I keep looking at the picture attached and I wonder if those are sold in some magical pharmacy …

Xoxo, Lucy


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