The big “L” word …

I find it difficult to actually understand the statement “you’re just too young for love”, we’re so quick to conjure up some quick reason for a feeling we cannot even put a direct meaning on. We seem to be so quick to put a time and age on everything, even stuff we do not understand, something like love, which is so impulsive, something we stumble on.

We could base it on fear, what may arise, possible repercussions, I do not know really but what really bothers me is how we, as humans set time frames for everything and how experiencing something in that certain time frame makes it ok and accepted. My question will always be “who are you to judge a pair of shoes you have never walked in?” We’re so quick to build a castle reasons of why it is too early for two specimens to experience such beauty but instead of those who claim to know better to assist in helping them make better decisions (as they say), they sanction and prohibit this union. The problem here is that tell a human not to do something and it seems as if you have given them the power not only to do what you don’t want them to do but to exceed and surpass all set limitations.

An emotion that arouses all other emotions, the feeling of love in all forms is unexplainable and the spell it possess you with is … I cannot even find a word for it, but you get what I am saying. Live it – breath it – illuminate it, romantically or not, love is one of those resources that will never run dry, but that doesn’t mean we should let it gather dust and wait for when it will be ok and acceptable for you to experience it. Let it embody you, allow it to leave you drunk, intoxicate you. Let it ignite all those feel good feelings and do stupid things like dance in the rain, let it leave you in moments where you find yourself smiling with yourself. Allow it to possess you and though it hurts, we can all admit to the fact that Love is an addictive emotion.

Stop restricting yourself from happiness, breath it all in sweetie, let your past mistakes be your stepping stones not your barrier. It’s a difficult task but you owe it to yourself because happiness is your birthright, why you letting your past decide the outcome of your present? Let love live.

Gumball Darwin Penny Carmen Relatives Gaylord Rob

Xoxo, Lucy


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