tumblr_m04v8sf9d91qeb24eo1_500Yes, I am still alive. I’m just recovering from a serious case of writers block. Gosh, all I want to do is write, blog and put pen to paper, but something that I am so used to doing effortlessly is now a mission. It is as if my voice is no more and now I am just a dead soul floating around, in desperate need of a mission. I don’t know what to do to spark my creativity or get my thoughts flowing but I really am suffering.

This is probably the worst case of writer’s block I have ever had … and it’s depressing me. It’s funny how everyone thinks reading a book or two will shock my brain’s creative juices into flowing again and refilling what is left of its dry streams. I will admit it did help a bit, just enough to get me through this blog post (yes it’s that bad), I am currently hooked on the Divergent series and oh my word, what box have I been living in, I am a fan of dystopian novels so you can only imagine how crazy these books are driving me. Veronica Roth has me spending every free minute I have with her book in hand and everything else out of sight and out of mind. No, I am not interested in the movies, one thing that annoys me about movies based on novels is how they are nothing alike, from how you imagined the characters and the different settings and how the story is not regurgitated enough it’s as if the directors or whoever, skimmed through the first 3 chapters then immediately went to the last 3 chapters and then wrote a script on that. Tit for tat I guess but my brain is more active when it itinerates to wherever the author manipulates my thoughts to go, and that is one gift that I’ll always have respect for.

I am currently crushing on: The Weeknd – Beauty behind the madness, everyone is ranting and raving about this album for all the right reasons, and (unfortunately) every second person I know is suddenly a huge fan of The Weeknd, it’s always a peculiar sight watching them dwindle in numbers as time progresses but, this album is (personally) The Weeknd’s best work by far, J’adore ça. What would the world be without Google translate though, I am really interested in learning French, but … procrastination always gets the better of me, and it’s not like I have loads of spare time on my hands but until I do, I’ll put my faith in Google translate.

after dying of laughter after seeing this image I had a moment, asking them why they're
after dying of laughter after seeing this image I had a moment, asking them why they’re “angry” at me.

I hope you guys missed me … you better have missed me …
xoxo, a Lucy that hopes she is now 100% cured from writers block.


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