In my comfort zone …

If anything, comfort rules over everything in my life. If I don’t feel comfortable I leave, whatever it may be I just step out of it because I’m not a contortionist and I do not see the point in living uncomfortably for the sake of something else. But I do think it’s safe to say that sometimes discomfort is the one thtumblr_m7nwk4CY6o1rpis3bo1_1280ing that is needed in order to broaden our comfort horizons. I know I sound like a hypocrite right now but think about it for a moment, if we all just stayed within our comfort limits, how far would we want to go or let me say how far would we have come as a species? The beauty in comfort lies in knowing what to expect, the beauty in discomfort lies in the dark cracks of the wall, the eagerness to know what lies beneath those cracks, inquisitiveness is what always has us unconsciously landing up in spaces of discomfort.

I am not saying place yourself in uncomfortable positions, all I am saying is that you should never fray away from trying something new. A bit of sparkle is always needed every now and then (otherwise our lives would be dull, boring and uninteresting). Try it out, God knows I did … and it worked out pretty well for me. Life has never been about borders and boundaries, cocooning yourself will only result in a state of never knowing, and no one wants to live in a state of what ifs.


So what if you get hurt, at least you’ll know next time not to stick your hand in the bee hive because you will know that there will be more than honey coming out …

Just remember that if you don’t feel 100% about it, it’s probably not worth it, this gut instinct thing has never been my thing, but if it works for you then hey presto.

Hope you like the new look … cause I LOVE it
Yes, I’m back … hello hi

Xoxo, Lucy


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