I Can’t Stay Mad at You – Daily Prompt.
Or shall I say “superfluity”, or just leave in plain, simple English and say “unnecessariness”?
Tit for tat, all those words mean exactly the same thing – an excess amount of something, and don’t we all carry that around on a daily basis.

tumblr_mbp7gtHSyw1rcahr5o1_1280We all got baggage that we carry around  (metaphorically speaking), it has become so habitual that it actually seems normal and ok for us to walk around with this excess weight, and  the feeling of being pulled down not only by gravity becomes a normality.
Oh yes, blame it on the fast paced lifestyles most of us live … but from the looks of things, we would rather crank up the stereo and not answer the front door because we know it’s our demons knocking. We preoccupy ourselves in an effort to run away from something we carry around, funny isn’t it … that what we are running from is the same thing that is slowing us down. It all suddenly becomes a problem when we have no space for anymore baggage, when the stuffed suitcases have now reached full capacity and we are now in awe of the fact that the race we thought we were running was actually a maze and now we can’t find our way out.
It’s a scary place to be in really, because every turn you take is another riddle you must solve in order to be a few steps closer to your final destination – outside the damn maze. Or you could choose to just stay at the first dead end you encounter, which of course will have you repeating the same mistake of building a maze for yourself and hey presto, you have a redundant number of mazes in your name.

It becomes a bit too much when gravity is not the only thing that is pulling you down, it is so easy for someone to say “its life, get over it.” until they’re at the receiving end of things … then suddenly we must all help that someone get over whatever it is.
Until we learn to face our demons when their presence is still recently discovered, we should just accept the fact that our lives are inevitably just one big, redundant, rat race.
But hey, psychiatrists have got to pay the bills one way or another.

Happiness is a birth right.
xoxo, Lucy.


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