Cleaning out my closet …

Teach Your (Bloggers) Well – Daily Prompt
Like many of you, I probably had one of the most unorganized, overflowing closets. Like you know those wardrobes you open and like 7 items of clothing fall out because it’s just that full, that’s how bad my wardrobe malfunction was.
So today was the day, I’d set outside to sort it out, and I did, it’s simple really, if you don’t mind losing a few clothes …
I started off by taking out everything in the wardrobe, and I was just left with the skeleton of the wardrobe. I was in awe when I realised how much this poor wardrobe had to endure. It’s important to remember that some of the things that were in there haven’t been worn in a long time because either,

  1. They don’t fit anymore,
  2. They’re out of fashion,
  3. They were given to you as a gift and, they weren’t quite your style.,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNEU9D4oO76hsOhn4YL4F79ybA35uQ&ust=1448706516553372
Just to give you an indication with what i was sort of working with.

Well those were my top 3 reasons … and the sub-reason why they’re still there is the emotional attachment I have to them, I can’t just throw such out, but today, I had to (unfortunately). I had two piles, the keep pile and the donation pile I advise you be very quick when sorting out which item goes into which pile, like don’t even think about it just go with it, I will say though, there are about 2/3 items I kept back, knowing fully well there’s a 10% chance of it going through my mind when considering what to wear, it’s just that some things are a bit too sentimental to let go,
anyway, it was now time to sort out what would go where and I remembered the advice my mom would give me, “place all your favourite/nicer clothes at the top and all your least favourite/home clothes at the bottom” , and I won’t lie it worked.
So I started with my tops, then bottoms and ended off with my dresses and jumpsuits and I’d start with my least favourite clothes and worked my way to the top and that’s how it went.

Oh and another thing, place the clothes you’ve never worn at eye level so they catch your eye when you open your closet.

I am proud to say, I am a proud owner of a neat and just full enough closet.
Hope this helped, I’m sure it did … it had to have helped you in some way, right?
And of course, most girls’ dream, a walk in closet …

With good music and determination, cleaning out your closet will be as easy as it will be to mess it up again. I don’t know why but my neat closet never lasts for longer than 4 months (and that’s pushing it).

Xoxo, Lucy with a neat and just full enough closet (I can’t stop bragging LOL)


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