Bring on the cold!

Daily Prompt: Climate Control
I am a big lover of winter, and not for the typical reasons. I don’t care about cuddling up with someone on the cold days, I am not worried about staying in, drinking hot chocolate and stuffing my face with pudding, cold weather makes me want to go outside and embrace life and I know it sounds ironic because I am surrounded by the death of nature but there’s just something about winter that just gets my heart racing.

The sense of peace and tranquillity, the soft touch of the cold breeze brushing against my cheeks, the need to embrace yourself to keep warm and that feeling of shock you get when you step out of a warm room out into the cold – priceless.


We also have to give props to winter fashion, oh my gosh it’s as if winter sums up all current trends because it grants you the opportunity to mess around with this and that in one outfit all in an effort to keep warm, winter is the one season humans instinctively love themselves because it’s where we say goodbye to salads and hello to wholesome, thick, rich soups. Goodbye low calorie deserts and hello to fulfilling, tummy hugging and nourishing pudding and who even notices the weight gain if you’re covered up all the time, and with winter comes snow right, wrong – I unfortunately live in a country where it doesn’t snow, South Africa, our winters are dry, I wish it at least rained, it does but only because of global warming and all the changes it brings on the weather, but you get what I’m trying to say right?
Rain … what a beauty, I love rain and instead of it making me want to run indoors I find myself strolling through it just to feel it. As long as my phone is somewhere dry I am okay with getting a little wet. It’s currently raining outside and being the typical rain fanatic I just sat by the open window breathing in the smell of soaked sand, well in my case, the smell of asphalt tar and yes there’s a big difference but I won’t go into the details as of now.
I was reluctant to listen to Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose which was released somewhere in November but a friend recently sent me one of the songs on the album, Love yourself, I obviously fell in love with it enough to get the whole album and goodness gracious me, it’s a really good album, but I’m sure all the Bieber fans can attest to that.

To all of those currently enjoying the cold weather, enjoy it because I’m green with envy.

Xoxo, Lucy


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