Blame it on who?

Daily Prompt: Everything Changes
If there is anything that annoys me, it is how people seem to blame their current undesirable situations or mishaps on people that had a negative influence or effect on their lives.
I acknowledge the fact that whatever it may have been did have a significant effect on your life, how you live it and maybe even how you view life currently, but the question you have to ask yourself is, are you going to let that embody you?

Are you going to let a moment in time remain triumphant over everything in your life to the point where it disables your ability to move forward, where you remain stationary allowing it to bind you to its horrors? I am not saying it is easy but I am saying that you cannot let it win the battle that gives you no access to your happiness, wellbeing and your success. We cannot go back in time and rectify certain things but we have been given ample time to allow ourselves to heal and grow from them.  Stop asking yourself “why did it have to be me”, because Lucy, in response, will ask you “Sweetie if not you, who?”, and do not be so quick to answer “anyone else but me”, because you know how much it hurts to be in that situation that you were placed in, why would you want to subject someone else to that torment?
On a mental level, you become more knowledgeable when you overcome a difficult, disabling situation but remain ignorant when you choose to mope around blaming the world for everything that goes wrong in your life.

Use the bricks thrown at you, to build an empire.
Life is not easy, but personally I think that such situations, that life seems to throw me in a boxing ring with, only make the pages on which my life story is written a bit more colourful.

Remain victorious, there is no battle you cannot win, and remember no one remembers how it all began but how it all ended. (Cliché … I know)

Xoxo, Lucy.



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