I know, I know, I’m a bad person.

Daily Prompt: Sorry, I’m Busy
In need of my assistance? I’ll run a thousand miles and back for you but with this “rule” comes exceptions, I won’t run a thousand miles for you, if you’ve once failed to do the same for me or have never even bothered to put your running shoes on do not expect me to do the same.
I’m all about equal power in relationships, and I am extremely picky when it comes to who I choose to run a marathon for.

But, there have been instances where I’ve promised and pledged to go that extra mile for people that have gone several extra miles for me and I just didn’t make it up to them, truth be told I can be a lazy person when it comes to doing stuff for other people, you can call it the act of selfishness but don’t act like you’ve never had such moments either.
I have moments where I just want to focus on me and my needs and fulfilling someone else’s isn’t my priority anymore – I know, I know, I’m a bad person but I believe in putting yourself first before others and it’s something that’s just in my system now.

I find this so cute.

It’s something I am trying to work on but I fear that I’ll unintentionally learn to put myself second and then that it will be my new system, it’s just the balance I am trying to establish, the state of equilibrium I am trying to reach, it isn’t easy because when does putting yourself first become selfishness and when does not putting yourself first mean that you’ll only ever treat yourself as second best?

So, yes it’s okay to be selfish at times, just don’t use it as an excuse not to be there for someone, when you know very well you wouldn’t like it if they did that to you.

Xoxo, Lucy


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