My thoughts on #ZumaMustFall

Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests

706x410q70Nicolson-van-RooyenSouth Africans have had enough and they’re now finally speaking up, but will the ruling party (ANC) listen?
“Honourable” president Jacob G. Zuma, recently shocked the country when he axed finance minister Nhlanhla Nene and replaced him with David Van Rooyen

  1. Who are you?
  2. How capable are you to fix South Africa’s financial situation?
  3. How qualified are you?
  4. Can we trust you?
  5. Why did Zuma replace Nene with you when you failed as a mayor?

… Those are just some of the questions I am sure many South Africans asked themselves and to add salt to the wound the Rand reached an all-time low, $15.89 to the Rand. Amidst this commotion, Zuma then decides (after a week) to remove David Van Rooyen from his new position and replace him with former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and even though the Rand recovered from its all-time low (from $15.89 to the Rand, to $15.09 to the Rand), Nhlanhla Nene was doing a pretty decent job as finance minister and even though Zuma has the power to shuffle ministers around as he pleases, what the ANC refers to as “ bold leadership” to me seems like a headless chicken not having the strength to stand for the bold move he made, he chickened out within a week, all because he couldn’t stand the heat he brought to the kitchen.
The #ZumaMustFall campaign is one that I am supporting, the deaf ANC party on the other hand is not listening and proudly stands behinds its president, it’s not news that the man we call president doesn’t even have a matric certificate but former president Thabo Mbeki had one and several other qualifications under his name, when he was our president the Rand to the US dollar was on average R6.11 to the dollar but ANC saw Zuma as a better fit and now look at the state we’re in.

FB_IMG_1450112373780Reasons on why #ZumaMustFall are limitless and the only way he is going to fall is if we as South Africans use the one power we have left and VOTE, the ANC isn’t listening any more, we are truly grateful that they got us out of apartheid but this, is enough – I’m tired of this nonsense, all of it. I would like to go back to the days when I could proudly say, “I am South African”, I don’t even know where the pride in that lies anymore.

16/12 marks Reconciliation Day in South Africa, how are we supposed to reconcile if we’re angry, frustrated and in awe of what’s happening to our beautiful country, our rainbow nation.
Change is needed … are you with us?

Xoxo, Lucy


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