Something I thought I should share with you …

Hey you, yes you, I know it has been ages since I posted something but school has taken up all my time and being the nerd that I am, school is my number one priority. But anyway, as an English assignment, we were told to write and present a speech on, palindromes, which are words or phrases which read the same backwards and forwards (vice versa). I obviously refused to write a mundane speech on the history of palindromes followed by a few examples, I treated my speech as if it were a blog post and, well, here it is:

Following your destiny

Aric Maddux once said “you swallow pills for anxious days and nights, and days anxious for pills swallow you. This word unit palindrome opens one’s eyes to the reality of addiction – our own addictions. I am not talking about the drugs consumed by drug addicts or the alcohol consumed by alcoholics, I am talking about the rawness of our souls, its yearning, its innermost craving.

Paulo Coelho, in his book, “The Alchemist”, emphasises on the usefulness of listening to the omens placed in our path, following our dreams whatever the cost may be. Fulfilling your destiny in my opinion is your soul’s innermost craving, yet we seem to be so pre-occupied with worldly desires and pleasures, we seem to think that they will somehow fill up an abstract void.

Yes in life it’s never odd or even, another palindrome which brings to light the necessity of finding our equilibrium, balancing the scales of what we think is our destiny and the path our souls continuously redirect us to, a path very few can live to say they’ve walked.

It is in these crossroad we encounter that we often choose the path of least resistance, but from my own personal experiences, it is the path of least resistance that offers the slipperiest ride.

My final palindrome, “Not New York.” Roy went on. Punctuates the need for perseverance, because Roy went on until he fulfilled his destiny, feeding his souls innermost craving – be like Roy.

We have reached a pivotal moment in our lives and because we’re currently embracing this very moment, that we are unable to see its importance, the dent it is carving in our lives is one we cannot feel as of yet but let that dent you carve in your life this year, be one you would not mind jumping in when feeling nostalgic.

Think of it this way, this is out last ride, meaning our petrol tanks will not be as full as they are in this very moment, so let us not divert from the direction we are meant to take and find ourselves directionless with an empty tank.


Xoxo, Lucy


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