Appreciating life’s lemons …

Daily Prompt:Simplicity

As sour as they may be, they make some good lemonade.
This is with most things in life, our circumstances may oppress and suppress you and in the moment you feel as if the world is on end and every force is working against you, but with time you realise that life was just moulding you for something greater, like some sort of crucible.

The hard part is keeping the faith, knowing there’s greener grass on the other side… about that statement (” the grass is greener on the other side “) my view on these words of encouragement when I saw a post that said something to the effect of, why you busy comparing other patches of grasses to your own when you could just put in the work and make your own grass greener, which leads me to my next point – lack of contentment, when is enough, enough? When do you look at your achievements and all the wealth (not riches) you’ve accumulated and simply accept the fact that it is enough – when is that fine line between success and greed drawn? Is there never enough or is the thought of their possibly being more just so addictive that you can’t just stop.
I’m not saying don’t be ambitious I’m just asking, when does ambition turn into success and suddenly greed, a few never cross that line – but for most it was a line so fine they over looked it and subsequently walked right over it.

I find it ironic that the older people around me laugh when they hear my dreams and goals, like does all this fire just fizzle out when you reach a certain stage – and why ? I feel like the only reason why I keep pushing is because I know what I am working towards, and please do not tell me that I am too young to understand, is life just too harsh for most to accomplish our goals or is it merely because we choose to settle for the little it has to offer? If so then do not encourage the young to dream, do not prompt them to dream and have high expectations of life, wake us up to the reality of what is truly out there – I can only imagine how it feels to look back and remember all the goals you had in your youth, which you never accomplished.

Like I once said,

1465278446351because it’s a pointless exercise to have dreams and goals, only for you to be told you cannot pursue them. Stop telling me to think outside the box, if you’re only ever going to remind me of what I left in the box.

Xoxo, Lucy


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