It’s all in the I love you’s and the xoxo’s

Daily Prompt:Deprive
What is this thing that gets humans all jittery when it comes to the big L word?
If it hasn’t occurred to you, I am philophobic and I do not just have minor philophobia but major probably unrealistic philophobia. I just don’t understand how people wear their heart on their sleeve and just drop their heart in the next hand that asks for their hand in a relationship, how do you just tell someone you love them after only a few weeks of knowing them or worse – a few weeks of dating them? Does it just slip off your very slippery tongue or is it because you just love the idea of love?

I am fascinated by how females view love, I know it sounds crazy because I am a female, but I sit there in awe listening to the craziest, most unrealistic, load of rubbish that comes out of their mouths as they profess their undying love for a guy they only met a few weeks ago, or worse when they have this glassy look to their eyes and say, “I think I’m falling for him.”

How do you people just fall for someone, weeks within getting to know them?

All fellow philophobics will understand what I’m saying … I’m not saying loving the idea of love or wearing your heart on your sleeve is wrong, I just can’t understand how it is so easy for people to just do these random acts all in the name of a feeling that gets them all jittery, excited and day dreamy – is it all just part of the moment or …?
I honestly fear love, like I run away from it before cupid’s arrow hits me, or duck and dive while he’s trying to aim it at me (although he may have hit me this one time, so there’s no hope for us philophobics) – I just don’t understand it and it’s probably one of those things that will never be understood and I don’t think I am okay with that. It’s just such a weird emotion to experience and I have seen it make people do the craziest things. It’s as if they go into a trance or something, like reality takes a backseat and this vicarious state takes control.

Whatever this love thing is, I am pretty okay with keeping a safe distance from it – it seems hypnotic and addictive … so stay away cupid.

Xoxo, Lucy

Oh and sorry for the graphic featured image.


3 thoughts on “It’s all in the I love you’s and the xoxo’s

  1. About that undying love a few weeks in to a relationship. I once went on a date with someone I became friends with. At the beginning of the year she friend-dumped me because she felt she couldn’t introduce me to all the guys she sees despite only dating them for a few weeks. She couldn’t understand why I thought going out as a three with a guy she’d only just met and a guy who had previously dated her was a bit odd…

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  2. In today’s society does true love really exist?
    I mean my grandmother would tell me stories of the first time she fell in love with my grandfather, their love life began in primary school they loved each other till death.
    Is it true love or they were destined?

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    1. well, it really is dependant on your fate as a being. we all looking for true love but in most cases we just stumble on something that looks true and fall in love with that


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