It’s all in the I love you’s and the xoxo’s

3 thoughts on “It’s all in the I love you’s and the xoxo’s”

  1. About that undying love a few weeks in to a relationship. I once went on a date with someone I became friends with. At the beginning of the year she friend-dumped me because she felt she couldn’t introduce me to all the guys she sees despite only dating them for a few weeks. She couldn’t understand why I thought going out as a three with a guy she’d only just met and a guy who had previously dated her was a bit odd…

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  2. In today’s society does true love really exist?
    I mean my grandmother would tell me stories of the first time she fell in love with my grandfather, their love life began in primary school they loved each other till death.
    Is it true love or they were destined?

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    1. well, it really is dependant on your fate as a being. we all looking for true love but in most cases we just stumble on something that looks true and fall in love with that


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