The imperfection of beauty.

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I was in awe when I saw the picture of an albino peacock, and its undeniable beauty and then the sudden realization of how I wish we would stop identifying our imperfections, highlighting them and letting them define us, or better yet, we should stop transferring this disease of making others feel insecure about their differences but allow them to embrace them, just like that peacock, because in all truth and honesty in “peacock world “ that albino is an outsider and has no chance in surviving or finding a mate.

The fact that we all have this mental picture (the one different to the other) about how perfect we would be if this was smaller or that was bigger, in my opinion is unrealistic and unreal. What I mean is, we all seem to crave this perfect image. I know most research blames the root of this on media and how they feed on our desire to feel and look perfect but to a certain extent, this idealistic, unreal image is the source of all our problems.
When I refer to beauty as an imperfection I refer to what actually defines your beauty, your beauty is not defined by what makes you a normal being, but rather it is defined by your unique flaws, the little hiccups in your genetic coding that set out the blueprint for your fingerprint – which is why beauty will never be perfect.

I know, this perfect image is a marketing strategy, but the main point I am trying to raise here is the fact that, perfection is unattainable because it is an unrealistic image – which is unique to every being. So how can “perfection” actually reach a state of “perfection” if what I see as “perfection” is what you see as an “imperfection”? It is my belief that I was made in the image if my maker, and in my eyes He is perfection – so who I am to suddenly taint this image all in the name of this new found worldly perfection.

I read an image that said, “It’s so sad how we break down something beautiful to make it perfect “.
If you’re reading this, you are beautiful – take it from someone who was bullied, for being different, someone who tried so hard to fit into a frame that was never made for her or anyone else because it took a while before she realised that, perfection is factitious image – how could anyone ever attain that.

You’re so-called imperfections are the truest definition of your soul, of your being, and if being perfect means I have to lose my identity, then I would rather be mocked and ridiculed by those who clearly didn’t have the courage to stay true to the essence of their souls, those who choose to be placed under the same definition as millions of others.

Special shout out to all of those who sent me their “selfies” for the making of this post’s featured image.

The imperfect yet ever so beautiful, Lucy

P.S: You are beautiful.

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