O r g a n s

Daily Prompt:Vanish

“So I take off my face, because it reminds me how it all went wrong, and I pull out my tongue because it reminds me how it all went wrong”

War has never been for the weak and constant battle can take strain on a person – but the greatest sign of strength is admitting defeat and simply letting go, because as difficult as it may be, after realising how tired you are of constantly fighting and all you’ve ever yearned is peace of mind, you realise that the only way you’re going to find such, is when you find the courage to leave the battle field, in search for greener pastures.

“I am tired of punching in the wind, I am tired of letting it all in “
We grow tiresome of, unfulfilling, seemingly one sided relationships (not just romantic relationships, but friendships and family) – where it seems as if you are the only one willing to go the extra mile to save the relationship, while the other person practices the art of self-defence, and no matter how many stray bullets hit you, you’re still willing to run onto that very battle field in hopes that the war will be conquered not for your sake, but for the sake of the damn relationship and no matter how many times you call for backup, you find yourself facing it all alone.

“And I should eat you up and spit you right out, I should not care but I don’t know how”
There’s this sense of hope amidst feeling defeated, tired and neglected. You keep going into war in hopes that this will be your last time fighting for something you feel so strongly about, something you worked so hard to build. Yet to date, you have not reaped any rewards or acknowledgements for your achievements, and you begin to feel unvalued, unappreciated but you forget that the other person in this relationship, who only ever practices the art of self-defence, will never be able to see the strain you take for the betterment for this relationship because they’re too busy looking out for themselves.

“the wind blows loudest when you’ve got your eyes closed, but I never changed a single colour that I breathe so you could have tried to take a closer look at me”
When will people realize that a relationship is a two way street, the roads meeting up to each other are equidistant – meeting each other half way. Not one walking an extra mile because the other feels as if they’re not ready for “the next step”, not one walking away when the road gets congested, because they’re cluster phobic.

“But in the end the waves will discolour me”
You have worn yourself thin, all in the name of love. One emotion, has the power to control every other emotion, but you’ve been the puppet for long enough and I promise you, once you leave, you will never want to look back – because of the light that will come back into your life and the colour that will now fill the pages of your book.
“So I take off my face, because it reminds me how it all went wrong, and I pull out my tongue because it reminds me how it all went wrong, and I cough up my lungs because they remind me how it all went wrong, but I leave in my heart, because I don’t want to stay in the dark”

All quotes, were taken from the song Organs by Of Monsters and Men.

Xoxo Lucy


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