Saying no, to pity parties.

Daily Prompt:Protest
We too often let ourselves fall into this abyss of hopelessness and sadness, we literally throw our own pity party and expect everyone else to attend, not because we want them to cheer us up but because we need people to come in and help us lick our wounds. I am always the first to preach about being your own superhero, getting yourself out of the gutter and realizing your own strength but you cannot do that if you are surrounded by enablers, people who make it seem okay to stay in a non-productive state for longer than necessary all in the name of healing and waiting till you find the strength to stand up and walk away from it all.

waiting till you find the inner strength

How are you finding anything, if you are waiting for it to find you?
Why are you allowing yourself to stay in a vegetative state, a state where no, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual growth is happening, a state of waiting for something to happen in order for it to trigger something that only you are accountable for, to happen?

Stop with the pity parties and the sympathy, instead, motivate me, get me excited for new beginnings that are to come, prepare me for that – do not sit there and allow me to actively participate in hindering myself from moving on in life, do not make it seem okay for me to drown in my sorrows and mourn something that is not worth the tears I weep.

Remind me that the moment I find myself in, is one of change and it is not okay for me to inhibit that by mourning the loss of that chapter in my life, remind me that the new chapter I am about to begin should not be tainted by the tears I weep over the previous one. Encourage me to grab the opportunity and furthermore colour in the pages of my book.

Do not make it seem as if it is okay for me to continuously refer to the previous chapter of my life, using it as some sort of a guide on how to live through my new one. Instead remind me of how far I have come, how far I am going and how strong I am for standing where I am in this very moment.

Anchor me, and refuse to throw me a pity party.

Xoxo, Lucy


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