The “New” in “New Year”

Daily Prompt: Year
I think what gets most people excited about the new year is the fact that they have been given what seems like a new beginning, a chance to start afresh and give life another try, that would all be true if it were a reality. Moving from one year to the next is like moving from one day to another, you still carry the problems you had into the next year, you carry it all regardless of the fact that it is a new year. Your slate is not wiped clean, you’re not given the opportunity to restart as if your life is some game.

We use “New Year’s resolutions” to help us forget the fact that nothing is going to change, we convince ourselves that this year will be different by finally grabbing the opportunity to start afresh and doing things we failed to do the previous year. We place so much hope in 365 days that we forget that it all, still rests on our shoulders. The changes we wish to see, the hopes and dreams we wish to make a reality, all rest on our shoulders and a new year has nothing to do with it because life does not restart but merely goes on.

Change is something that does not wait for a new beginning, change is driven by a desire to alter circumstance and such desires do not wait for the beginning of a year. The moment you see years as a way to keep track of time, is the moment you will realise that no new year has ever promised you anything.
Change is what you make of it, and a new year does not promise that but gives you the opportunity to make changes, but so does a new day, a new week, a new month and even a new hour. The opportunity to make changes in our lives is abundant, but we only ever see the bigger picture.

Use your new beginning to good use this time around.

Xoxo, Lucy

P.S hope you like the new look!


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