F o r g i v i n g

6 thoughts on “F o r g i v i n g”

    1. The funny thing is, i am the type of person to hold a grudge, i am a very unforgiving person … which is why in this post i make reference to fact that forgiveness, is not for the other person but for me, forgiveness allowed me to move on in so many parts of my life.


      1. But forgiving can also mean ‘it’s okay ‘ how can something that is wrong b okay? So how can u say I forgive you, n move on?, When u can’t accept the things that are done wrong.

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      2. You seem to misunderstand my point, if you hold grudges, not willing to forgive someone, you are hindering yourself from experiencing so many things on an emotional level, because you close yourself off.
        I get your point, i mean how does one simply overlook something that is wrong and make it okay but you need to understand that you’re not doing it for the other person, you are doing it for yourself, releasing yourself of that emotional burden.
        I personally had the same problem, but in forgiving them, i realised i felt much lighter, both emotionally and spiritually, you see at the end of the day i helped myself, without the words ” I am sorry” from the people who had hurt me.

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  1. I agree, Lucy. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. That is why it is so difficult sometimes. I forgive people for their transgressions, but I don’t forget. I move on without them because I will never forget. And I’m grateful for having learned. I like your perspective on this post.

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