Oran the E.P x Troyden tx.

img_1776Member of TYDcollectives, Troyden tx has finally released his well anticipated debut E.P titled, Oran, and while many expected a hip hop fuelled sound, his alternative/indie sound not only came as a shock, but as a welcomed gesture into the world of Thabo Ndlovu.

“Now that Oran the E.P is out I feel a little more empty than I did when I made it or recorded it or whatever. That EP is my life from the first song till the last, there’s a little bit of my painfully depressing life stitched into each and every syllable of each and every word … it’s scary.”

There is no arguing that this E.P provides a glimpse in the world of Troyden tx, the 18 year old South African artist, uses his own life experiences as inspiration for his music and that is clearly reverberated throughout the entire E.P, he clearly documents what it is like to be a teenager in today’s society by making use of several different genres to make this unique sound that feels like a breath of fresh air in comparison to what most underground artists, who are trying to make commercial tracks, are trying to push.

“But I guess in a way I didn’t make that E.P about myself alone, I guess my broken heart broke even more because others like myself are sad and breaking down somewhere hoping for attention. I don’t make music to evoke depression, I make music to release depression … as sad as I am whenever I recorded I felt the sadness die down for a bit, My music is based on my life and the daily social struggles of being a teenager in terms of social pressures, depression and the emotional roller coaster that comes with trying to find yourself in this lonely world.”

One thing I experienced while listening to this E.P is, I didn’t want it to end because every track has its own identity, and when it does end, I always seem to say to myself, “It’s finished!?” My finger always seems press repeat when PhoneCall comes on, it’s an upbeat catchy song which contrasts the rest of the album.  What really makes this album is the folder titled “Do not open”, that comes with the E.P, and in this folder are several pictures of Troyden, and it is as if he wants to randomly pop up on people’s phones and he wants them to wonder why, or it could be another way of Troyden inviting us into his world. Either way I love it!


Oran the E.P aims at every teenager’s emotional roller coaster, it points out those feelings you feel for a split second in life but never reveal. Oran, means light/pale and I hope that it shines a light on how emotion has become uncool/unwanted in the real world.

Show him some love,

Click here to download this mind blowing E.P

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He’s also on wordpress: http://www.troydensonoftheocean.wordpress.com

Keep up with him on social media

Instagram:  @Troyden_tx

Soundclound: http://www.soundcloud.com/1498tx

Twitter: @WhoisTroyden_tx

Tumblr: @1498tx

Facebook: @TYDcollectives

Heart makes art and art is conscious.

Troyden tx - Oran The Ep


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