Come on now x K5 ft. Alex Sono

“Hi, uhm, this is awkward … I was, I just wanted to see you that’s all. I’ll see you when I see you and I guess we’ll talk another time, peace”

Four months after his debut mix tape with Kay-Blist, K5 did not shy away from introducing us to his new sound as a stand-alone artist by featuring Alex Sono. This single, is a contrast between the broken hearted and those who are hopelessly in love, and not only do they capture the difference of the two feelings but their single is an open an honest expression of their own personal feelings.

K5 20170112_223207.jpg“After I lost the girl that I’m talking about in the song, I went on to mess around quite a lot. Bringing Alex Sono into the song, allowed for a two-way story, he being in a happy relationship brought in that dynamic of love and my side shows the occurrences after losing that love. “

The one thing that this song truly highlights, is the fact that there is a distinct misunderstanding between those who are in love and those who are broken hearted, and this is heard by Alex Sono’s more upbeat verse, which contrasts K5’s verses which are calmer and have a sense of scornfulness.

“And it affects me deeply, I hate the fact that I was never to wipe to your tears, I hate the fact that I was never there to fight your fears, but trust me, there’s still more to do, there’s still more to go, give me a chance. Come on now.” – K5

“I’m on the drugs they call sadness, you’re my happiness, in the midst of the madness” – Alex Sono

IMG-20170205-WA0009.jpg“I had been struggling with some form of creative block when K5 told me he wanted me to do a verse in his “love song “. It seemed clearly destined because I hadn’t shared the concept of my tape with anyone. K5 gave me no restrictions what so ever. His instructions were: “write a great verse about a girl you love”. The title “Come on now” (which sounded like something one says to win a girl over) was the only form of reference I had when writing the verse. I wanted to address an everlasting feeling of wanting to get closer to someone, even when you’re closest to them. Those are words of thanksgiving to a loved one for making me happy and a better person. I wanted to plead to the girl to come closer so that I could have a euphoric life and be the best version of me. The song has definitely inspired me with regards to the work on my tape”

Fans of both artists have been starved, neither artist has released anything for a few months now and this appetiser, relinquished their fans of the famine they had found themselves in. I call this single an appetiser because both artists are working on their own mix tapes, which will hopefully be released soon.

“I firmly believe that everything happens in due time and so did this collaboration. Funny story: K5 and I sat together in class, at some point in high school. We’d often share raps and creative concepts with each other. This is something we always want to do, we’ve always wanted to break out of the typical rap subject matter of self-glorification and how “hard” one was raised. This is the start of it all. I have currently been working on my second mix tape, entitled “Love Happens”, it’s been a stressful process so far. I’m basically trying to put the story of little Alex Sono falling in love for the first time and going through the ups and downs of the experience in a 16 track project.”

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