Reasons to stay single, and how they worked for me. (1/3)

Daily Prompt: Baby

Reason 1/3 : The breakup hasn’t taken full effect.

The worst thing one can do after leaving a long term relationship is look for another one or go through the phase where you embrace being single and having what you would call fun because you’re finally free. You latch onto someone else because you do not want to face the demons your past relationship has left you with and you’re so used to having someone that is always there for you, that the fear of being alone overpowers your need to mourn your past relationship.

130425-Pretty-Pink-Flower.jpgThe first thing you feel after breaking up with a long term partner, isn’t pain, pain is only felt when the fact that, that person isn’t there anymore sinks in, when you realise that you’ve just lost a few years building something that you didn’t get to fully embrace, that is when pain is felt, but immediately after the break up you’re just numb to the whole situation, and you may be taken back by the fact that after so many years, you are alone and that is when the flood of emotions come into play, it could be anger, it could be confusion and sometimes (depending on the nature of the breakup)  you feel happy and this happiness could be concoction of relief (you finally got it off your chest), peace (you feel as if the cloud that was hovering over you is finally gone) and you feel as if there is this new chapter that is about to open and you’re life is about to reach new depths.

It is after all these emotions have fizzled out and the pep talks with family and friends have reached an end, it is only then, where that pain hits you, and it happens out of nowhere, you are so unaware of the can of worms that you opened the very moment you broke up with this person that you only realise the severity of the situation when the worms have left the can and have begun to eat away the cloak that’s been protecting your heart from feeling anything. It is then, that you have to start dealing with the break up.

I’ll delve deeper into this, in my next post …

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